Tapestry Online Learning Journal

Whirley Pre-School uses Tapestry as an online record of your child’s personal learning journey. It is used to record photographs, observations, assessments and comments on the activities that your child participates in.

Your child’s key worker will regularly post information onto your child’s online learning journey. Each child’s learning journey is password protected, only your own child’s learning journey is visible to you.

A Tapestry app is available for you to download.

Tapestry Online Learning Journal

Alternatively, you can access Tapestry via a web browser using the login link right, or by the link in the website footer.

You will be provided with login credentials when your child starts at Pre-School.

We encourage you to upload your own comments, photos and videos to strengthen the Pre-School/home link. This will greatly benefit your child as it helps us talk to the children about activities they have participated in outside of Pre-School.

This provides us with a more complete picture of your child’s learning and development, and of their interests and achievements. It could be anything from a craft activity done at home to a swimming award achieved.

There are details of how to add your own photos etc. in the links below.

Useful Links: