Uniform Exchange 2021

♻️ Continuing with our theme of sustainability, we are going to recycle Whirley Pre -School uniform. Therefore, if your child is leaving to go to school in September or if you are a past parent

Earth Day 2021

🌍 Earth Day today and Whirley Pre-Schoolers chatted about the little things we can do to look after our planet and placed posters around Pre-School to help us remember! We also made these great

Starting School 2021

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🌟On Friday, our Whirley Pre-School Primary school starters  found out their school places 🌟 Parents, remember to accept or refuse your child’s place by 30th April. 👍

Global Recycling Day 2021

♻️ Global Recycling Day today and Whirley Pre-School made sure they used recyclable items in their play! We have chosen our first two Recycling Rangers who will empty our recycling bins everyday,

Christmas Fundraiser 2020

🎄 One of our parents has been a busy bee! 🐝 This week we will have a small number of Christmassy crochet creations available to buy, all funds going to Whirley Pre-School!🎄 We ask for a minimum

Christmas Raffle

🎅🏻 Whirley Pre-School parents, please log in to Tapestry to find out the winners of our Christmas Raffle! Congratulations to those of you who won! 🎅🏻
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