The Trustee Committee

Whirley Pre-School is run by members of the local community, for the children of the community. The Pre-School is run as a charity and is obliged to have a Trustee Committee to run the setting.

If the Trustee Committee is incomplete, the Pre-School cannot run.

The Trustees help the staff to run the Pre-School, manage the finances, plan for the future and to reflect the needs and wishes of parents. The Trustees hold regular meetings, on average 6 times a year and an Annual General Meeting every October. You don’t have to be a Trustee member to attend the AGM.

One important aspect of the Trustees work is fundraising. The Trustee committee appreciate and always welcome any help and support. Government funding is tight and fundraising really makes a difference to the Pre-School, and consequently the children’s’ experience here.

The Trustee Committee is also a means, in addition of course, to conversing directly with the staff, for parents to communicate with the Pre-School about anything they would like to raise. The Trustee Committee are totally independent of the staff and all correspondence is always confidential.

A questionnaire is carried out in the summer term each year so parents can provide anonymous feedback on how the Pre-School is doing.

The current Committee Trustee Members are:

  • Nicole Davies – Chair
  • Ellen Brown – Treasurer
  • Melissa Walsh Dalton – Secretary
  • Andy McGillivray
  • Elise Spicer

If you are interested in joining the Whirley Pre-School committee, please contact a member of staff or one of the above committee members.