Activities at Whirley Pre-School

All our activities are planned in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage and encompass Every Child Matters.

We work around a theme for a half term and incorporate child initiated learning into our planning.

Wherever possible we have “freeflow play” where the children can select what they do – whether inside or outside.

Children will be given opportunities to:

  • play alone and with other children
  • take turns and care for one another
  • speak and listen
  • experience a range of sensory materials
  • paint, glue, crayon, chalk and use scissors
  • model with construction, play-doh, clay, etc.
  • dress up and pretend
  • cook and bake
  • gain early numeracy and literacy skills (Jolly Phonics)
  • dance, sing and play with musical instruments
  • listen to stories and enjoy books
  • use computers and programmable toys
  • explore outside and find out about the world around us
  • and most of all make new friends and have lots of fun!